Cream Cheese Mints

• one-2lb bag of fondant sugar
• one-8 ounce package cream cheese
• 1/8 tsp of mint oil

Cooking Instructions

Place Cream cheese in large mixer with a dough hook. blend cream cheese, add sugar, mint oil and continue stirring on slow speed until it forms a ball.(If you are using mint flavoring or other flavors it will take more) If you want to color it all the same color, add color before mixing.(DO NOT USE grocery store coloring) You must use condensed coloring to prevent thinning your mint dough. It you want several colors divide dough and knead in the colors. Adding color to make deep colors changes the flavor. Use powdered colors to prevent this. If the dough is sticky all a bit more fondant sugar. Roll the candy dough into balls about the size of a marble. Roll in granulated sugar or powdered sugar and place pack into the mold. Remove immediatly placing them on paper towels to dry. If using a silicone mold you may not have to roll in sugar. Allow to dry for 12 to 24 hours before packing to prevent them from becoming sticky and so they will retain their shape. If you are freezing these mints. Allow a minimum of 24 hr drying time, pack with parchment paper between each layer, place in a air tight plastic container. When removing from freezer, Allow them to defrost in the refrigerator for 24 hours without opening. Opening them while frozen lets in moisture and causes sweating and they will be come soggy. Enjoy!