Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance should I book my wedding date? Most brides' book anywhere from 6 months to a year in advance of their wedding. However, if you haven't booked your wedding cake, and time is short, please don't hesitate to call and ask availability. Create A Cake is a home based bakery, so I am limited in number of wedding cakes or grooms cakes I book. Even if you have not decided on your cake design, You can reserve your date with a retainer.

Long distance Planning... I have over 38 years of experience creating wedding cakes. Being in a College town, I work with "long distance brides" on a regular basis. My goal is to make your cake designing a fun and enjoyable event. I am a small bakery with an exceptional creative and Professional reputation . communication via email allows us to provide you with full color photos of our cakes. I do reply to all inquiries.

Pricing of wedding & groom's cakes... Each cake I create is custom designed and priced individually . Each bride selects different cake and filling flavor, frostings, and size, number of servings and style or design for her cake. These elements influence the price of your cake. Due to unlimited combinations. It is impossible for a price print out. I am happy to quote a price for the cake you select.

How do I reserve my wedding date? A $75 non-refundable retainer is required to secure your date. This is applied to your cake order balance. Half of the cake balance is due at the designing. (If designing is done at first appointment this does apply) the full balance and final payment is due 21 days prior to delivery. There is a $25.late fee if payment is not received 21 days prior to delivery.

Delivery and set-up... I deliver to most areas. A delivery fee is based on the distance. My base delivery fee is $35. and applies to most deliveries within a 30 mile radius.

Consultation and Cake Tasting... Your wedding and grooms cake should reflect your personal style and tastes. Give me a call and set up a tasting and viewing. I have over 40 life sized cake samples and many books and photos for you to view. This will help you to visualize the size you want or need. I will do my best to have the flavors you want to taste. Bring your ideas, magazine clippings or web pages with you. I am happy to give you a price quote. I am happy to schedule appointments during the day or evening. Friday and Saturdays are limited as these are my decorating and delivery days. But Call me, I may be available at some part of the day.

Can I have more than one flavor? Yes, the minimum number of servings of any one flavor is 25.


Butter cream frosting is a blend of sugar, a form of butter , shortening , flavorings and liquid. Is does wrinkle in humid weather or during warm weather. It is not as smooth as fondant.

Rolled fondant is delicious if prepared and applied properly . It is a blend of sugar, vegetable gums and flavorings. It is rolled very thin and applied over the base layer of butter cream. If applied properly is will “marry" the butter cream and melt or combine with the base frosting and is inseparable. It has a very elegant look and can be decorated very delicately. Drapes and embroidery can be applied. It is very versatile . It can also be applied over cream cheese or whipped frostings. This holds up very well in the heat of summer and at outdoor weddings.

Rolled American (aka rolled butter cream) is a homemade frosting using powdered sugar, shortening , corn syrup and flavoring. It is kneaded together to make a rolled fondant like texture. It is applied like rolled fondant. It is a bit thicker and sweeter and does not have the elasticity.

Whipped frosting is a purchased frosting. It is oil based with sugar and flavoring. You are limited as to decorations. Many grocery stores us it. The tubes used for decorations are larger thus it is less delicate.

Cream cheese is much sweeter as it is made using cream cheese , butter and sugar. It does have a yellow or deep ivory color due to the cream cheese and butter. It is good used as a filling in carrot, Italian cream or red velvet cakes or under rolled fondant on these cakes.

Chocolate butter cream It is like eating fudge. It is made using butter, coco powder, powdered cream and flavoring. It is good as a filling or on groom's cakes or on an all chocolate wedding cake.

Chocolate ganach yummmm is made using either dark chocolate or milk chocolate combined with heavy whipping cream. It is poured over the cake and has a smooth shiny look. It does have a low melting point.

Chocolate fondant is like eating a combination of a tootsie roll and fudge. It is a beautiful smooth frosting that is rolled out and applies over either white butter cream or chocolate butter cream. It does withstand the heat of summer very well.