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A bit smaller than others, fit for a princess it is 2" by 2 " inches. This broach is so quick to make. The silver one is made by making little fondant balls of white chill in freezer for a few seconds so the balls won't sprad when you add topping with gray fondant return to freezer until firm, unmold and than spray with pearl. Walla! it is a shiney silver. The gold one is made by using the same method, little white balls of fondant topped with a deep egg yellow fondant and sprayed with pearl, Walla! gold. The crystal broach is made using two cakePlay isomalt nibs. I put them in a square silicone cupcake liner, heated in the microwave for one minute and repeated another minute until melted. Pour in the mold and allow to cool at room temperature. Nibs are available under cake decorating supplies.