Cake Top Keeper

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A great gift for your Bride. Supply her with cake top keeper to freeze her top layer in, when you deliver her wedding cake. Simply sit your 6" x 4" square or round cake top in the colored base. Snap on the lid. Complete directions are on the top. All three of my children have used this and it worked great. No freezer burn, no freezer tastes, not even the green peppers my husband put in the freezer. The direction sheet on the top is water proof and can be personalized with your name at no extra charge. It reads: FREEZING YOUR TOP LAYER OF YOUR WEDDING CAKE. Many couples make a tradition out of freezing the top layer of their wedding cake for a year and eating it on their one-year anniversary. It is considered good luck and an omen for a long life together to preserve the top tier of your wedding cake to eat on your first anniversary. Place cake in the colored base, snap on the dome and press to seal. Keep frozen until ready to eat. Defrost the cake unopened in the refrigerator for 8 hours or overnight. This will prevent the cake from sweating or losing its moisture. Your cake will remain moist and will not pick up any foreign odors or tastes from the freezer.